Back from California

I arrived home from California late Wednesday night.  I love Chicago, but I am not a huge fan of the Chicago airport.  HaHa!!!

I was happy to attend the CHA show (craft/scrapbook trade show) with Tinkering Ink.  We worked hard selling product.  Four new paper lines.  And the hit of the show – Peekaboo chipboard/acrylic mini albums.  The owners of Tinkering Ink are the nicest people I have met in a long time.  So genuine and so real.  I am planning to go to the summer show with them in Chicago….hoping to line up a kid watcher so hubby and I can go out early and see the sites of CHicago…..if you know a good sitter.

Do you ever meet somebody and just totally hit it off with them right away?  Well, I am happy to report that happened this past week.  Jaime Lynne.  I think she should move to NC.  It would be super fab fun to scrap and hang out with her.

I also had a great time getting to know a few other Tinkering Ink girlies: 

  • Emilie – you rock…so sorry I missed seeing you in the sausage casing.
  • Tessa Ann – You are true fun! Great laugh.  Great smile.  Hope your foot is feelin better.
  • Megan – Thanks for being a good roomie and not making fun of me for going to sleep so early.  Sorry if I snored too loud.
  • Rachel – Fun fun fun fun fun!!!!!  Thanks for the laughs.

It was great meeing “new” friends too.

  • Celeste – I had the best time chatting with you.  So happy you hung out at the booth and chatted with me.   I have been a stalker fan of yours for a long time.  HaHa.
  • Tina Cockburn – She was once a KMA DT girl.  She is always so helpful with photography questions.  And her beautiful little girl is on the cover of Simple Scrapbooks this month too.
  • The Studio Calico girls –  Nicole, Nicole, Caroline, Joy, Davinie.  What a great team of fun girls you are!
  • Many many others….Kimberly Garafolo, Linda Barber, Alicia Guess, etc….I met quite a few fabulously nice store and kit owners.  I don’t think I met anybody who bugged me.  HaHa.

Of course, I always love seeing my “old” friends too:  Cindy, Rebecca, Tammy, Kim.

I didn’t take any great photos.  HaHa.  I will have to borrow from others.

Well back to work.  And what time is it again?  Eeeeks.  This jet lag is really dragging me down!

Have a great day!


7 thoughts on “Back from California

  1. I get a mention on the blog! Sheesh! I’m the luckiest girl. And meeting you was one of the best parts of my CHA experience… seriously!

    One question, though… what does ST stand for? Haha! And now that I’m feeling better I could really go for some caramel popcorn.

  2. I had the best time meeting you and talking to you. Sorry I talk so much… LOL! I was telling someone else after the fact, that I probably talked your ears off. 🙂

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