Back from Florida!

Happy New Year!

Well.  It is not easy leaving sunny 84 degrees and coming back to cold.  It was such a nice weather break.  We all had such a great time.  The boys loved playing in Grandpa’s hot tub, especially with Olivia and Jeremy. Mike loved riding around with the windows rolled down and wearing shorts.  Mommy loved Grandpa’s massage chair.

The boys spent a lot of time outside playing and riding Andrew’s scooter.  Grandpa and Granny bought the boys a cool Lionel train set!  Mike got some new tools. And Mommy got 2 sweet little Cabbage Patch dolls. 

The biggest excitement (besides Universal Studios…another post later) was my dad’s new dog.  I never thought of him to be a dog person.  But Scooter is the perfect match.  Loves to nap.  And follows him everywhere.  That dog is always at his feet.  Such a sweet dog. Andrew loves him too.  Here is Scooter!

Andrew wanted to hold Scooter all the time.

Always at my dad’s feet.

So sweet!


6 thoughts on “Back from Florida!

  1. This is great. Craig had told me of a story about a dog he had when he was a kid, that his Dad made him get rid of. Nice that, he finally found a dog he could keep! How perfect.

    I have been SOOOO busy, I just had time to open this post from 3 months ago!!!

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