Nathan’s New Bike

How cool is this chopper bike!!!  But….no training wheels.   Yes, it is time for Nathan to learn to ride without training wheels.  But gosh.  It is very difficult to teach him.  He was very patient though.  We live behind a high school; so we went to the track to ride.  He rode for a few seconds by himself (of course that was the one out of 50 pics I took that was blurry).  We’ll try again when we get home from Florida.

 Any suggestions?




3 thoughts on “Nathan’s New Bike

  1. your focus is on the background not them….try to focus on your son, and move the camera as he moves! a shorter shutter speed helps with motion blur too….but that’s kind of cool with action shots!

  2. i have no suggestions about the photography. the bike riding i have one. have him wearknee pads and elbow pads. my son was less afraid of falling when he wore them. 🙂 have fun in florida!

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